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Are you just not sure how to choose the right lighting for your home? Lighting can greatly change the look and feel of your home, but finding the right lighting can be tricky. There are many different types of lights available, and each serves a different purpose. But how do you know which will best suit your home? The following article will provide some helpful tips on choosing the right type of lighting for your home.

Hanging Lighting

Hanging lighting fixtures can be used for general lighting or for task lighting, and can be either corded or cordless. Depending on the type of hanging fixture you choose, they can also serve as ceiling fixtures. A pendant light takes up little room and is perfect for an above-the-sink or bedside table, while a chandelier will add a little elegance to an entryway or dining room. If you’re looking for general lighting, a floor lamp would be a better choice, since a hanging lamp would only provide light where it’s placed. If you need some task lighting in a specific area, a hanging lamp would be better, since a pendant light can’t be pointed in a specific direction.

Wall Lighting

Wall light fixtures can be either incandescent or LED, and are great for general lighting in hallways, entryways, and stairwells. They’re also ideal for bathrooms because they can be mounted near the ceiling, away from moisture and humidity. Wall light fixtures are also great for security lighting, since they can be placed on the outside of your home. Wall lights are generally more affordable than ceiling lights, but they don’t provide as much light. If you’re looking for general lighting, a wall light would be a better choice than a ceiling light. If you want to accent a particular wall in your home, a wall light is again better than a ceiling fixture.

Table & Floor lamps

Table lamps are great for general lighting in living areas or bedrooms, and can also be used as reading lamps. They’re generally not as bright as wall lights, but they’re perfect for providing just the right amount of light. Table lamps are generally inexpensive and can be moved from room to room easily. They’re also portable, so they can be taken with you when you travel. Floor lamps are excellent for general and task lighting, but they’re not very portable. Table lamps are generally less expensive than floor lamps, and they’re easier to move when you need to clean or rearrange furniture. However, table lamps aren’t as versatile as floor lamps.

Ceiling fixtures

Ceiling fixtures emit general lighting, and they’re perfect for larger areas, such as a family room or kitchen. If you’re looking for accent lighting, you might want to choose a smaller, more decorative fixture. Ceiling fixtures can be expensive, but they’re generally more energy efficient than wall lights. They’re also simple to install, since wiring is usually done from the inside of the house. Ceiling lights come in many styles, from modern to rustic. Ceiling fixtures can be either incandescent or LED, and there are also fixtures that will change color. If you have ceiling fans in your home, you can also install lighting below the fan to provide general lighting for the rest of the room.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is energy efficient and lasts a long time, since there are no bulbs to replace. They can be used for general lighting and accent lighting in living areas and bedrooms. LED lights provide less light than incandescent lights, but they’re perfect for smaller rooms, such as a bathroom or a walk-in closet. They can be installed on a ceiling or wall, and they’re available in many styles. They’re also available in hanging fixtures, which are perfect for above a kitchen island or beside a bed. LED lights are more expensive than incandescent lights, but they last much longer. You can also use them in outdoor lighting, such as pathway lights or porch lights.

Exhaust Fans

Exhaust lights are generally used in the kitchen and laundry room. They’re perfect for keeping odors from lingering in the room, and they’re also useful for sucking dust and particles from the air. Exhaust lights can be either incandescent or LED, and they’re available in several different styles. If you have a drop-ceiling, you can easily install an exhaust fan by wiring it directly to the electrical box. Exhaust fans can be installed in any room, but they’re most useful in the kitchen and laundry room. They’re also great for bathrooms and above a garage.


Choosing the right lighting for your home can be a tricky process. You want to make sure you choose the right type of lighting for each room, and that you choose a type that’s functional and affordable. When shopping around for lighting, make sure you keep these tips in mind so you can find the perfect lighting for your home. Choosing the right lighting will transform your home, making it look and feel more like a home and less like a house.


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