Vintage means “of age” and many people have come to associate vintage with high quality or well made items. When it comes to lighting, vintage is loved for many reasons, different time periods have become known for their handmade, unique, one-of-a-kind, and durable features, making vintage piece memorable and long lasting. Vintage can even be an investment. Starting at 20 years old a light becomes vintage and once it hits 100 years old it becomes antique which can increase its value even more. We just encourage you to make sure the pieces you buy are vintage not vintage inspired. Vintage inspired are new pieces that mimic the look of vintage lighting, here we provide the best known year of the light you are buying.

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LED Integrated Lights

LED Integrated Lights

When you purchase a light fixture you are also deciding what bulbs you will be buying in the future. Different fixtures require different bulbs and/or wattages, unless you get an integrated light fixture. This means the light will be connected to the fixture…

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